Who Are We

AnkaTechnica, with its partner institutions, has been in the field with its quality, innovation, productivity and customer pleasure principles in sector together with its professional team. AnkaTechnica has been producing its products bu using CNC machines, laser and plasma cutting machines, robotic welder machines, hydraulic press machines, static dying ovens and production systems based on automation without any mistake and according to quality requirements. The center of our company is in Konya which is an industrial and agricultural region of Turkey. Together with our partners production is being done in 8 different factories in 3 different cities in Turkey. AnkaTechnica is making production under three main categories such as soil processing group, crop planting group and harvest machines. We are increasing our product quality, product variety and fertility day by day in accordance with our customers' demands from different countries on the world. Together with our partners we are going to be your reliable work partner without any concessions from our QUALITY, FERTILITY and INNOVATIVE principles.